6 Seattleites Changing the Death Business

Solace Cremation is thrilled to work in the midst of a sea change in the funeral business. Here we introduce you to some of our colleagues in Seattle who are reinventing the death care industry.

Lashanna Williams is a massage therapist, a death doula, deathcare educator and a community activist who recently helped organize mutual aid to mitigate food insecurities for her South Park, Seattle, neighborhood. In her work as a death doula, she also captures photos for loved ones, appearing in the New York Times in February.

Michael Hebb is the cofounder of Death over Dinner and a partner at RoundGlass, a Seattle wellness company which recently soft-launched the EOL collective (of which Solace is a proud partner). He’s got a popular TedTalk and TedMed talk and always a million projects going on at once.

Jessica Henry worked as a tattoo artist in Seattle but became a removal technician for a Seattle mortuary where a friend worked after non-essential businesses closed in the early months of the pandemic. Henry told Crosscut, “I’m in these people’s lives for a really short time, but I’m able to support them through something really difficult.”

Emma Payne created the Seattle-based Grief Coach business in 2018 after the death of her husband and his best friend. The business sends personalized text messages to people who are grieving the loss of a loved one, lending them support so no one will have to grieve alone.

Laura Malcolm created GiveInKind after a tragedy. It brings together calendars, fundraising and wishlists. The platform helps raise money or buy gifts for those who need support. The Seattle company raised more money as the platform became more popular amid the pandemic.

Keara Kindelynn, a Seattle area entrepreneur, created Foreverly, to make space for mourners. Her bi-coastal team designed the Foreverly app where you can create a registry to get support for the things you or a friend or family member might need after the death of a loved one, from meals to household help or travel assistance.

As we’ve shared before, Seattle is a trendsetter in death care and with a history of innovation in fields from coffee to aerospace to software. We are energized by Seattle’s entrepreneurial spirit and excited to work with families in Washington state, offering our Seattle cremation services at one affordable price, excellent service and with no hidden fees. Our 5-star reviews are testament to the compassionate cremation services we’ve been providing to Seattle area residents for nearly a year.

We are humbled and inspired by our families to continue to work to disrupt the funeral business by design.

Photo by Casey Horner

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