Seattle a Trendsetter in Death Care

Cremation is growing in popularity and is chosen now by more than half of Americans, but it is even more popular in Northwest markets served by Solace.

According to the Cremation Association of North America, Washington and Oregon are among the states with the biggest percentage of people choosing cremation, falling just behind Nevada, which ranks No. 1.

Washington cremations account for 78 percent of dispositions in that state, while Oregon cremations account for 77.6 percent, according to CANA.

Solace has been offering direct cremation in Seattle now for almost a year. Seattle remains an exciting market for us as the home of so much innovation from companies like Boeing, Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon and Zillow.

And, we are thrilled to be partnering with the folks who brought you “Death Over Dinner” with the recent soft launch of the Seattle-based EOL collective, a comprehensive web community of end-of-life and death care providers.

When choosing a company, remember that all cremation services are required to provide consumers with a general price list under the FTC’s Funeral Rule, so you can compare Seattle cremation costs. Be sure to check for hidden fees and ask what is included in the price.

As the Seattle Post Intelligencer’s “Boomer Consumer” column reports, Seattle mortuary services are not required to post prices online, but they often will email you a copy on your request. California is so far the only state that requires prices be posted online.

As you compare the cost of cremation in Seattle, remember a “simple cremation” offered at what appears to be a low cost may just be a “starter price.” So you could be charged extra fees for things Solace offers at no additional cost in its inclusive $895 Seattle direct cremation price.

If you are looking for affordable Seattle cremation, we hope you’ll consider Solace. We have digital paperwork, 5-star service and one complete and inclusive price of $895.

Our greater Seattle service area includes King, Snohomish and Pierce counties and we serve Southwest Washington (Clark County) in the Portland metro area.

Photo by Ben Dutton

Solace Cremation offers online arrangements for direct cremation services with one flat price and 24/7 customer service. Solace proudly serves the Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland and Seattle metro areas. Learn more.

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