Solace Launches Modern Urn Collection

Inspired by the celebration of memories shared, Solace is proud to introduce our first premium urn collection, combining traditional natural materials with modern production methods.

For thousands of years, artists have designed ceramic jars to safely hold what we most value. Now, combining the high-tech capabilities of modern craft with the classic art of ceramics, we have created a simple and beautiful urn designed to honor life, lived.

Building on their creative backgrounds, Solace founders Keith Crawford and David Odusanya began researching and experimenting with different urn designs several years ago. The pair noticed there were few modern and unique choices in urns. As Solace families asked our team about recommended options, we realized there was an opportunity to create something better.

Collaborating with local Portland design company, The Good Mod, and industrial designer, Rob Bruce, the pair worked to reimagine the modern urn, one with a clean, simple, and timeless design.

Their collaboration has led to the recent launch of Solace Urns, with limited edition modern urns in two sizes, a standard full-sized urn and a smaller portion-sized one.

Crawford says he and Odusanya are excited by the new venture, “Our goal with Solace is to use the power of design to create a better experience for families at a tough time — urns are a natural extension of that thinking. As designers, we knew there was a need for a more modern, beautiful urn.”

Odusanya continued, “3D printing has allowed us to have a very modern, generative design while using a beautiful, natural material — white stoneware. Considering the importance of these objects to their loved ones and the fact people want to keep them close, the aesthetic approach, and premium level of finishing, was important to us.”

Odusanya and Crawford plan to continue to partner with designers and makers to explore a wide variety of materials and designs and are excited about the technology that 3D printing allows such as customization.

To learn more about Solace Urns, visit our website.

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