6 Things To Do When My Loved One Dies

Losing a family member can lead to a whirlwind of emotions. You may not want to do anything at all – or feel the exact opposite. If you know your loved one may pass soon, it helps to be prepared and have a plan of action to take when the time comes. Here are some important things to do when a loved one dies.

1. Call 911 or Reach out to medical professionals

Before your loved one can be taken into the care of a funeral or cremation provider, they must be pronounced or declared dead by a medical professional. If your loved one has passed in your home, an adult foster care home or somewhere that is not a healthcare facility, call 911. Or, If your loved one has passed in hospice or at an assisted living facility, reach out to a medical professional.

2. Contact family and close friends

Notify immediate family and close friends. Take some of the burden off by asking them to help you notify more distant connections. Arrange for children, parents and pets to be taken care of. Contact your loved one’s employer.

3. Secure Property

Make sure your loved one’s car is parked in a secure and legal area and home is locked. Ask someone to care for your loved one’s pets before permanent arrangements are made.

4. Military Benefits

If your loved one served in the military, they may be eligible for benefits from the VA to cover burial or cremation costs. Visit the VA’s website to learn what they may be eligible to receive for a service or non-service related death.

5. Locate a Will or Personal Information

It helps to have a plan. Before your loved one passes, talk to your loved one about whether they have a will or living trust. Help them organize their personal information for financial and digital accounts. When your loved one has passed, locate their information and will.

6. Plan a Memorial or Celebration

Before your loved one passes, ask them how they would like to be celebrated and remembered. When the time is right, honor their wishes and celebrate your loved one’s life and impact on the world.

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