Why Washington is an Exciting New Market for Solace

Seattle has long been a trend-setting city.

The home of Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks and Amazon, the Emerald City is often on the cutting edge of social trends and inventions. From evaporated milk to the CD, the city has an impressive list of “firsts.” The Seattle World’s Fair in 1962 gave a glimpse of the future, from cordless phones to pagers.

So, it is no surprise that like other West Coast cities, it is seeing a burgeoning “death positivity” movement, with Death Cafes, Death Over Dinner and the like popping up all over the city.

Michael Hebb, founder of Death Over Dinner, is among those speaking at three award-winning Seattle restaurants Oct. 27. With a popular book and videos including a TEDtalk seen by 33,000, he’s touched a nerve in the Northwest. The roots of change reach back 80 years when a local funeral coop was formed.

Washington State is also the first state to allow compostingof human remains and it has seen a variety of groups and experts coalesce around the movement.

Amid this growing cultural phenomenon, comes an expansion of a unique business.

Solace Cremation, founded by two former Nike executives, launched in Portland, Oregon in April of 2019 and will expand into Washington October 15th.

Founder Keith Crawford says he and his partner, David Odusanya, were motivated to begin the business after their own negative experiences in the industry, “When my dad died six years ago, we had a horrible funeral experience. From the creepy funeral home and pressured up-selling, to the mountain of paperwork and unexpected costs, it was all very overwhelming.”

Odusanya says the pair started the business to bring it into the 21st Century, “Keith and I asked ourselves, ’Why is the death care industry still in the 19th Century and everything is centered around maximizing profit instead of serving families in tough times? Solace is here to help families in their time of need. That is our priority”

Washington State customers can find Solace Cremation services online on the SolaceCares.com website or call 206-460-1224.


Photo by Milkovi

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