Carmen J. D’Agostino

Carmen J. D'Agostino

Carmen J. D’Agostino passed February 14, 2023. Carmen was born in Trenton, New Jersey. His parents were American-born children of Italian immigrants.

Carmen Sr. (Carmen’s father) had his own business selling housewares, washing machines, ranges, refrigerators, and other appliances. Carmen’s mother, Angela, demonstrated the use of modern kitchens in the store to prospective buyers. Business was good. Angela was a wonderful cook and when she gave a dinner party, everyone wanted to come.

As a youngster, Carmen was an indifferent student. His academic interest was ignited after serving four years in the Navy. He enrolled at Tri-State University in Indiana and completed a four-year program in electrical engineering in three and a half years.

He married his wife, Jeanette, just before graduation. They moved to Poughkeepsie, New York where Carmen had been hired to work for IBM. Jeanne, as Carmen called her, was already qualified as a teacher. They lived and worked in Poughkeepsie until IBM offered Carmen the opportunity to work in California. They were happy to leave the New York winters and Jeanne was able to continue her teaching career in San Jose, California. The couple had two daughters, Angela, born in New York and Catherine, born in California.

Carmen retired in 1991 after 25 years at IBM and took up a second career as a flight instructor. He had first earned his private pilot license at age 16. After retirement, he completed commercial single and multi-engine licenses and enjoyed teaching others for the next fifteen years. He also taught iPad classes at the Southside Senior Center at the San Jose Library.

Sadly, Jeanne died of acute leukemia in 2006, a huge loss for the whole family. Eventually, Carmen moved out of the home they had built together and into a retirement community in Los Gatos. There he continued his computer education, was active in the residents’ council and was often called upon to take photos documenting the many holidays, birthdays, and events in the community.

But his life’s story would not be complete without a special mention of Carol Wolf. Carmen was very lucky to be loved by two very special women – our mom, Jeanne, and Carol. They had a tremendous amount of fun together and she was truly a member of our tiny family.

Carmen stayed in San Jose to be close to Carol and his group of friends as long as possible, but the isolation imposed by COVID restrictions forced a move a little earlier than we thought. It was great to have him close these last couple of years. He got into the Portland restaurant culture and served as my excuse to get out and enjoy a sangria with lunch (while he had his favorite margarita).

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate Carmen’s life – do something nice for yourself. Enjoy a glass of wine, a good steak, some chocolate ice cream, a fresh fruit smoothie or listen to your favorite music – whatever makes you the happiest – because he valued his friends and would wish only the very best for the people he loved.

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