David Earl Chappell

David Earl Chappell

His family is devastated to announce the passing of David Earl Chappell, age 55, born July 11th, 1967 in Anchorage, Alaska and died in Portland, Oregon on August 20th, 2022. He leaves behind his precious 19-year-old daughter, Katie Rose Sweet, his only child. Also left behind are: his father David Lowell Chappell, Sr. his mother, Lurecia Loretta Coleman Chappell and his long-time devoted beloved girlfriend Karen Harris and her whole family. He is also survived by numerous loving aunts and uncles, and very-many close cousins. He was pre-deceased by his grandfather, Lowell Douglas Chappell and grandmother Cloda Layman Chappell Shanks and also his grandfather Henry W. Coleman and grandmother Evelyn Jewell Kennelly Coleman, and two sisters, Michelle Marie Chappell and Dina Charleen Chappell.

His Alaska life was filled with adventures important to him … with family and friends of all ages. Life in the 9 months of darkness, snow and ice was never a problem for him … he embraced it. Traditional learning was basically annoying to him, and he’d rather march to his own drum, but society demands a certain level of joining-in and commitment, so he tolerated it to the end of high school. He had a talent for playing the piano and organ and spent a short time with a band playing occasions in the city.

His long-term goal had been to become a jet pilot, even soloing a small plane from Anchorage to Palmer, Alaska at only 16 years old … much to his parent’s terror and pride. He worked for quite some time at Merrill Field Airport in Fairview near Anchorage, prepping, checking, de-icing and loading small planes for flights all over Alaska. Then he arranged his life to attend the prestigious Embry-Riddle aeronautical school in Arizona, completing a good portion of the instructions before getting disappointing news of a medical anomaly which disqualified him becoming a high-profile pilot. That was a rough blow and threw him for a loop. It took a while to re-center himself and find a new direction.

For a while, he was a purchaser for a large office company in Anchorage, but then let his hobby of cooking steer him into several chef jobs around the city for many years … eventually ending up in a prestigious position at the nicest restaurant in Anchorage at the time. He had a built-in talent for creating unique recipes and delicious deserts. He loved to flambe different foods and make outstanding sauces. He suffered the loss of his younger sister when he was 23 and she was but 19. Another hard life blow. From there he went to live in California and became a successful realtor in a partnership with his father for many years. Whenever he could, he’d travel the nation to a multitude of locations and even made a momentous trip overseas to Ireland, which gave him much joy.

Once his daughter arrived … she became his primary focus for the rest of his life. From then on … his every thought, word, travel plan, call, dollar and effort surrounded her existence. The joy she brought him was immeasurable, and he showered her with unending, unconditional love. They were inseparable when together, with her riding atop his shoulders until her height caused her feet to drag on the floor. He took often and regular visits to be with her, despite them living in different states. He shared a multitude of different activities and experiences with her as she grew. She was his heart.

During the last 20 years, he gravitated towards creating and owning a fireplace and minor-construction business with all sorts of detailed services. He had natural skills without the need for schooling or instruction. He was well-liked by clients, co-workers and family alike. He could be a perfectionist to a fault … but good work ethics and a job well done, were always more important to him than just the money. He had an unacknowledged hobby of always helping others in need or teaching others younger than himself … new skills or talents … he was a natural teacher. When he met Karen, she became the other love of his life and they enjoyed a deep connection and eventually shared a business together. Then she unselfishly shared her whole large loving family with him.

He succumbed to a totally unknown long-term heart and lung ailment, precipitated by a bad fall, which then triggered unstoppable medical events. The compassionate and skilled medical personnel did their utmost best to treat his domino-like symptoms. All his family rallied around him, but to no avail. He will be missed sorely by hundreds of family members, friends, clients and acquaintances. People remember his unique personality and his hilarious sense of dry humor. May he rest in peace. Condolences may be sent to: 4373 North Monticello Drive, Florence, Arizona 85132

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