Lana “Runkles” Mashburn

Lana Mashburn

Well, what I can say about my mom? She loved everyone and everyone who loved her. She would help anyone if you needed her there and she would talk when you needed her to and she always would be there for family and friends and she tried her best to make you laugh. She had an amazing sense of humor and she knew how to make you laugh and cheer you up when you were having a bad day. I want people to remember her for the kind caring honest person she was and will always be in our hearts and thoughts and memories. So anytime we see something of her, we can always remind ourselves she’s in a better place and that she can now love the world and fill it full of love and happiness. She is survived by many sisters who will always love and cherish the memories of her and survived by one son who she taught to be strong and to live on in her memory and so I hope everyone loved her as much as her son. RIP to the angel that left California but heaven gained. RIP mom.

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