Lawrence E. Dotsey

Lawrence Edmond Dotsey

Lawrence Edmond Dotsey was born September 28, 1964, in Portland, Oregon. The youngest son of Rev. Lonnie and Mrs. Audrey Dotsey. He grew up in a large family and without any doubt, Lawrence loved his family, and they loved him back.

Lawrence was a kind-hearted and loving man. He spent much of his life freely; embracing people and sharing his wisdom and spirit with all those who were willing to receive it.

He was able to spend the last two decades of his life at the Hopewell House in Portland. During that time, he was fortunate to have met many people and to have made countless friends around the neighborhood. It could be said that if Lawrence spoke to you, it was nearly certain he would remember you. His life was an open book and he shared it. Always giving of himself with no malice in his intent. If there was something that he could do to brighten another’s day, he would do it.

Lawrence loved animals and nature. His love for photography of the world around him will be remembered. Every day he would go out and feed the birds and squirrels around his apartment complex. He even adopted a stray feral cat later named Austin; the cat, much like others who encountered his wholesomeness, became a loyal friend. Lawrence inherited a love of the soil from his father, exhibiting a passion for all that he could grow. He created a beautiful oasis of green outside of the backdoor of the apartment where there were tables and chairs that anyone could sit, enjoy, and marvel at the wondrous scenery he helped to create.

Lawrence was preceded in death by his parents Lonnie and Audrey Dotsey, and his older brothers Lee and Tome. He is survived by his brother, Lonnie Jr., sisters, Lydia and Audrey, as well as a host of nieces, nephews, and friends. His siblings will miss their brother like no other.

His unique personality and heart of gold will leave a deep hole that can only be filled with the reminder of the beauty and kindness he left on earth. Lawrence was deeply loved by his family and friends. It is hoped that his eternal peace brings deep comfort to all those who knew and loved him.

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