Randall Norman Bell

Randall Norman Bell

The family of Randall Norman Bell is sad to report his passing on March 8, 2023, after a prolonged battle with advanced cancer. Randy was born in Lone Pine, California on February 19, 1947, to Cora Lee Bell (Pearson) and Larry Alvin Bell. He delighted growing up in the small town of Lone Pine and often reminisced about hunting, fishing and catching bull-frogs there in the middle of the night; he was a country boy at heart! He married his high school sweetheart, Betty, with whom he had three children. Although their marriage did not last, Randy and Betty remained cordial throughout their lives and were able to visit just a week before his passing. He had subsequent marriages (Elaine, Elizabeth) that likewise dissolved, but the relationships remained important to him and they were considered dear friends throughout his life.

One of Randy’s greatest passions was undoubtedly golf. He discovered his talent for the game early on (he was club champion at Mt. Whitney Golf Course at the age of 16!). He was lucky to make a successful career out of the game he loved and was a member of the Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA) for over 50 years. He was fortunate to work at many renowned courses throughout his life and taught an untold number of students how to play and improve their game. He so missed teaching after becoming ill and was hopeful to get back to it-he was an unflinching optimist to the end!

Randy was a natural people-person. He forged friendships easily and valued those friendships dearly. Some friendships he maintained for over 70 years, some were newly formed, but each connection meant the world to him and sustained him during his most difficult days. He also loved dogs! His dogs, Jose-Miguel and Sergio, were spoiled to the core but were good companions and provided much comfort and joy to him. If he ever won the lottery Randy planned to buy a big plot of land in the country and adopt a bunch more dogs. I hope he is playing fetch with his old fur-pals now (shout out to Bogey I, Putter, Chi Chi, Bogey II, Blitz, Lysol, Pine Sol, Charlie, Daphne, and Raul!).

Randy, most importantly, would want people to know how much he loved his children. He leaned on them heavily after his cancer diagnosis. Cancer created the opportunity to spend more time together and though some of that time was fun, a lot of it was simply hard. He appreciated their love and support even if he didn’t always express it. He was especially grateful for the times when all three of his kids were together. One of his favorite memories during his illness was going on a dinner river cruise in Portland with all of them. It was wonderful for him to laugh with his family, chat and banter with the staff and forget about reality for a few hours. It’s a special memory for his children, too.

Randy will be remembered for his love of life, his love of sports (golf and every other sport!), his sense of humor and his lightning-quick wit. He was a good friend to many and a great contributor to the world of golf. He is survived by his three children, Aaron Randall Bell of Lake City, Florida; Wendy Connelly of Sherwood, Oregon; and Kelley (David) Stipe of Portland, Oregon. He also leaves behind several grandchildren: Tyler (Taylor), Keenan, and Noah; Adelaide, Jonah, and Alex; Spencer and Kobe, and great-grandchildren, Moses, Mason and Ollie.

Information regarding a memorial service will be posted at a later date; please check back here for updates.

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