10 Final Wishes Fulfilled in Hospice

November is National Home Care and Hospice Month, a time to pay tribute to the millions of hard-working nurses, home care aides, therapists, social workers and others making a difference in the lives of the families they serve.

Hospice workers are everyday heroes who go above and beyond to care for their patients everyday, but sometimes they have an even more special role. They are often the planners, witnesses or facilitators of their clients’ last wishes.

The emotional power of these kinds of stories is so strong that they’ve often gone viral on social media, like a Wisconsin man’s beer with his sons, or a South Carolina man’s choice to be baptized.

Here are 10 last wishes that warmed our hearts:

  1. A nurse arranged for a Kentucky father to fly to see his son play football.
  2. Michigan hospice workers took Phyllis Ryerson out where she could pet and groom a horse named George and bring his smell home with her.
  3. Dutch hospice volunteers helped a man see a Rembrandt painting one last time, just one of many last wishes they’ve fulfilled.
  4. An 88-year-old Rhode Island Game of Thrones fan wanted to see an episode of her favorite show. But the cast went one step further and sent Claire Walton video messages as well.
  5. A Star Wars fan in Hampshire, England, wanted to see the latest film early, and his wish was granted on Thanksgiving.
  6. A Wisconsin woman got married to her partner of 15 years with the help of her hospice.
  7. A 93-year-old Kansas man got to fly a plane. But he didn’t get to use the controls until they were at a high altitude. His son is making plans for his 94th birthday flight.
  8. Edward Reis had the help of firefighters to visit a park near his Edmonds, Washington, hospice. They took a gurney over trail after trail.
  9. Wayne Beliveau took a motorcycle ride in Wisconsin with 75 new biker friends.
  10. A limo ride to lunch was the wish granted to Agnes “Mickey” Santillo in Texas, just ahead of her 100th birthday.

Gifted Wishes is an Oregon charity that helps grant wishes to those who are in hospice including trips to the beach, the zoo and Disneyland. In Los Angeles, UCLA has a “3 Wishes” program to help grant the final wishes of patients. The Making a Difference organization in Seattle also has a Senior Dreams Wish Program.

Want to thank a hospice worker? There are many ways to show your appreciation.

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