8 More Things You Can Do With Cremation ‘Ashes’

From tattoos to vinyl, people continue to seek out nontraditional and creative ways to pay tribute to their loved ones using their cremated remains (aka “ashes”).

After a lot of interest in our earlier blog, the “8 Things You Can Do With Cremation Ashes,” we decided to seek out a few additional ideas since there is no shortage of creativity in this realm.

Here are eight more that caught our attention:

Commission art

Heide Hatry and Wayne Gilbert are among the artists who have created portraits and other paintings with cremated remains.

Head out to sea

Serving California and Washington, The Atlantis Society is one of a number of companies that will help scatter a loved one at sea. Ocean Ashes offers charters in Florida. Remember to follow EPA rules when scattering at sea.

Plant a tree

Ashes can be planted with a tree in a living ‘bio urn.”

Release a balloon

Florida’s Eternal Ascent company offers large biodegradable balloons that send ashes six miles up where they freeze and fracture, releasing the remains.

Skydive and scatter

UK Parachuting offers the chance to skydive and scatter your loved one’s ashes at the same time. Some skydiving centers in the U.S. also provide the “ash dive” service, like the Pacific Northwest Skydiving Center.

Take to the winds

Southern California-based A Journey With Wings is just one of a number of companies that can scatter ashes from the air, serving more than 1,700 families since 2002.

Travel around the world

From the Bahamas to Texas, Modern Loss’ Tré Miller Rodríguez has spread her late husband’s ashes around the world and offers tips. In a similar project, Scatter Evan is a group effort to honor Evan Scofield’s last wish for “epic journeys.”

Turn to stone

By solidifying cremated remains, New Mexico company Parting Stone makes “rocks” of various colors and sizes out of ashes.

These are just some of the many ideas out there for creative “ash” storage and scattering. No matter which you choose, the important thing is to pay tribute to your loved one in the way that best reflects them and is most meaningful to you.

Photo: Kamil Pietrzak

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