Creative Ways to Connect During the COVID Crisis

Amid the COVID crisis, there are positive stories of families and communities doing what they can to keep up morale. Some are holding birthday parades, online dance parties and drawing chalk rainbows.

The crisis has brought a return to phone calls and letter writing. A Chicago Tribune columnist is working on a campaign he calls #PandemicPals with the idea of calling or writing letters to isolated seniors.

In Seattle, assisted living staff members are distributing tablet computers loaded with TED Talks and exercise videos and serenading their residents from nearby hallways.

In other parts of the country, seniors in facilities and at home have had visits from puppies, porch concerts and sidewalk serenades.

Live-streamed music performances are surging and arts organizations and universities are putting tons of content online. Sing-a-longs are lifting spirits for young and old including Chicago and Dallas and Portland (Tuesdays at 6 p.m.).

Families have been turning to video conferencing for keeping in touch. Teaching elderly family members how to use the technology may be challenging but, as this essay by Ali Jaffe explains, a project together (she’s learning to cook recipes with her grandmother) can be a reminder that “life goes on.”

Here are some how-to guides for video conferencing:

A note to our readers: This is a dynamic situation that is changing and evolving all of the time. For the most up-to-date information, visit the CDC website.

Photo by Max Di Capua

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