Death Care Disruptors Share Common Goal

A few months ago, dozens of tech-powered companies in the death care space began collaborating on a variety of projects to help families during this challenging time. These companies, like others in this “space,” were inspired to meet the needs of families unmet by traditional companies.

Among the outcomes was a free guide for families planning virtual memorials and a guide for navigating the end-of-life issues, pulled together by end-of-life portal Lantern and republished on Psychology Today’s website.

With the increased awareness that death happens to everyone and a “death positive movement” promoting the idea that we talk about it in cafes or over dinner and plan for it, many “startups” have launched to address the needs of families. And with a “silver tsunami” ahead, these companies will be increasingly in demand.

Here are just a few of the many companies we are proud to consider as friends, colleagues and collaborators in this innovative and growing space.

End-of-Life planning
Websites Cake and Lantern are two of the top websites focused on end-of-life planning resources. The Rest also offers planning as well as help with creating legacy projects and executor support.

Because grief is a part of losing someone you loved, there are many websites that offer support, resources and connection, including “What’s Your Grief,” “Grief Warrior” and “Refuge in Grief.” Good Grief supports children, teens, young adults and families experiencing loss. GriefCoach sends personalized text messages of support. The Theory of Anything is another grief resource created by Northwest native, Annie Huntley.

Hubs and portals
TalkDeath describes itself as a “hub for a changing death-conscious public.” Near is another site for end-of-life services, providing listings for everything from doulas to photographers and attorneys.

Legal and bereavement assistance
Legal resources are also becoming increasingly available online from companies like Trust and Will. Bannister advisors offer concierge health care and bereavement services. Peacefully promises to simplify the tasks ahead following the death of a loved one.

Memorial websites and fundraising
And sites like EverLoved offer a great alternative to traditional, and sometimes expensive, obituaries. They also offer fundraising capabilities for families who need more money to cover funeral costs. Give InKind helps you create a care calendar, wishlist and fundraise in one place. LifeWeb360 lets you create scrapbooks, word clouds, custom websites and memorial books.

Talking about Death
Death over Dinner was created in 2013 to encourage conversation about death. It’s founders are planning a conference called Love and Death in Seattle. The Conversation Project also offers tools to “have the talk.”

Virtual memorials and event planning
GatheringUs is a site where people can create online memorials or plan virtual gatherings. Great Goodbyes is another site where you can arrange a unique funeral or memorial from your laptop. Canadian site Seeking Ceremony offers virtual and custom ceremonies and online workshops. New Narrative Memorials also offers both virtual and event memorial planning services.

A common thread
This list is not exhaustive, but a sampling of those who are trying to make a difference. The common thread woven throughout all these companies is a desire to make things easier for families, revolutionizing an industry that was long overdue for a makeover.

At Solace, we created our company with that same goal and are proud to be in a growing field with these allies, creating more opportunities for choice by the families we serve.

Photo by Austin Schmid

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