Have a Minute? We Can Help You Plan

Have you heard of the “one minute rule”? Promoters say it boosts productivity and happiness and beats back procrastination.

The rule is simple. If it can be done in a minute or less, do it immediately.

Happiness expert Gretchen Rubin is credited with creating the rule. Rubin writes, “I must do any task that can be finished in one minute. Hang up my coat, read a letter and toss it, fill in a form, answer an email, note down a citation, pick up my phone messages, file a paper, put a dish in the dishwasher, replenish the diaper supply by the changing table, put the magazines away … and so on.”

Small steps make a big difference

Rubin’s philosophy on happiness is that small changes can make a surprisingly big difference.

At Solace, we think the traditional funeral industry has made end-of-life planning too complicated. For us, planning doesn’t require a two-hour sales presentation, a trip to a funeral home, lengthy paperwork or prepayment. In fact, the most important parts of a plan can be done in about a minute.

At Solace, we’ve come up with a planning tool that will quickly record your wishes. Just three simple steps to help family and friends know what you would like done when you aren’t here to tell them yourself.

And, if you want to take it a step farther and select Solace as your provider, you can do that in just a few minutes more.

Lifting the weight

Rubin tells Solace that she’s found the one-minute rule to lift the weight of decision-making.

“With the one-minute rule, you don’t have to decide what to do — you just do it. It’s manageable, even for a very busy person. It gives the satisfaction of crossing something off the to-do list. It helps to clear out those nagging little tasks that make us feel weighed down.”

At Solace, we want to take that weight off your shoulders. We hope you’ll take one minute and do a quick task that will save your loved ones so much more time trying to figure out what you would have wanted. So, answer an email, open your mail, water a plant and spend a moment making a few simple end-of-life choices. Your family will thank you, and you might just wind up being a little happier.

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