Navigating the ‘New Normal’

We’ve all been adjusting to changes brought by COVID-19. If you don’t know what day it is and your pajamas are the latest in “business casual,” you are not alone. The “new normal” is changing the way we live and how we die.

Our lives may never be the same, experts say, but one thing is certain — more and more of our activities will move online. So though we don’t know whether handshakes and salad bars will survive, we do know that businesses from hotels to workplaces to retailers and real estate developers are scrambling to adjust.

When we launched Solace Cremation a little over a year ago, we thought the existing funeral industry was antiquated. We wanted to modernize the process to make a difficult time easier on families.

In doing so, we delivered fast, transparent and compassionate service without requiring any in-person meetings. It turns out what we did to be convenient, was safer, too. Our digital paperwork allows family members to sign remotely, anywhere, anytime, with a smartphone or tablet.

As we navigate the “new normal,” we continue to strive to provide families with the support they need to get through this challenging time. Our blog is a resource for information on planning and digital solutions for end-of-life issues, our Care Team can answer questions and families can call 24/7 to request services.

Our “old normal” was created to disrupt an industry ready for a revolution. In this “new normal,” we are gratified to be able to see our concept in action, helping hundreds of families at their time of loss.

Photo by Joseph Barrientos

Solace is now Tulip Cremation, the nation’s largest online direct cremation services provider, delivering world-class and compassionate care 24/7.

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