Who is the Next of Kin?

The next of kin is a deceased person’s closest living relative over the age of 18. A surviving spouse or domestic partner is the first to be defined as next of kin, followed by the deceased’s children. The next of kin has the legal ability to authorize cremation or burial and make other legal and medical decisions, including registering the loved one’s death. If someone passes without a properly executed will, the next of kin will receive inheritance rights.

The order for next of kin is as follows:

  • Spouse or domestic partner, depending on state law
  • Children over 18
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Grandparents
  • Aunts and uncles
  • The personal representative of the estate of the decedent.
  • The person nominated as the personal representative of the decedent in the decedent’s last will.
  • A public health officer.


How can Solace Cremation help?

If you are the next of kin and in a place of making decisions for your loved one, the Solace Care Team is available 24-7 to help you organize, plan ahead and make arrangements. We are happy to answer any questions about paperwork and authorizations, including the number of death certificates needed and notifying social security.


How can Solace help next of kin who do not live near the deceased?

With Solace’s online arrangements platform and digitized paperwork, the next of kin can take care of all cremation arrangements from another state. Our Solace Care Team makes it easy to request services online in a span of five to ten minutes. Paperwork can be completed or signed online from the comfort of your home. Remains can be delivered by USPS to your home at no extra cost. The Solace Care Team is available at all hours by phone, email and chat to answer any questions that may arise.


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