Remembering Mom in the ‘New Normal’

There is no getting around it, Mother’s Day is different this year. Brunches in crowded restaurants are out, online playlists are in. Hugs are out, Zoom or Google Hangout video calls are in.

Public health experts say staying away is the greatest gift you can give your mom.

Florists and local businesses have figured out safe options in this “new normal,” but you can also write an “old school” letter or send a simple card.

If you are sheepish about going a non-commercial route, remember that Anna Jarvis, who founded Mother’s Day, fought against the eventual commercialization of the holiday. There is no shortage of DIY ideas to explore online including sharing Post-It Note memories with her, even if you have to mail them or leave on a front porch or window.

Remembering a mother who has passed away is also possible from the safety of your home. Cake offers 12 ideas (written pre-pandemic, but most of them possible now) including planting a tree, supporting a cause or making a memorial video. If you need more inspiration, Shutterfly suggests making a memory quilt, cooking a favorite meal or watching a favorite movie, among other ideas, to remember a loved one who is gone.

This is a tough time and those who have lost their moms may need room to grieve this Mother’s Day, while others celebrating living moms will have to get creative with virtual activities. But either way, we hope everyone finds a way to remember the women who helped bring us into the world.

Photo by Milos Tonchevski

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