Solace Explores Stories of Loss in Advertising Campaign

There’s a well-known reluctance to talk about death in our Western culture and plenty of explanations for it. Our discomfort with death translates into little planning, despite the fact survey after survey shows most people think it’s a good idea. 

As a business dedicated to transforming the death care industry, Solace is committed to joining those working to help normalize conversations around death and dying and open the space for this important dialogue.

It’s in the spirit of this mission that Solace’s founders David Odusanya and Keith Crawford, along with Marketing Director, Debbie Carter, have shared stories of their lost parents in a new advertising series of short, animated videos and audio stories which will soon be airing to a targeted, streaming TV and radio audience.

As AdWeek’s Shannon Miller reported, this touching suite of videos encourages conversation about death in an “honest, healthy way.”

Chief creative officer Odusanya explains why sharing these stories is so important now, “there has never been a time more sensitive to the experience of loss and grief in our lives,” he said. Solace’s ads are an effort to “lift the stigmas around talking about death” and to “collectively create space for these conversations,” he explained.

“While we know the experience of loss is individual, we aim to let people know that they are not alone and that it is OK to talk about what they are experiencing,” Odusanya said.

David Odusanya: Mum’s Chair

Keith Crawford: Architect at Heart

Debbie Carter: Amazing Mom

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about the people from our own families who inspire our work with Solace every day.

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