The 5 Most Read Solace Blogs of 2021

We can probably all agree that 2021 was a year we will never forget. But though the challenges were many, we’ve made it to a new year together.

Whether educational, inspirational or supportive, all of these blogs have a common thread, conversations that have helped us to navigate the end-of-life experience.

Here’s a look back at the 5 most read 2021 blogs.

1. Is Direct Cremation Right for You?

In this blog, we describe the heart of our business. For a variety of reasons, many people choose a simple, direct cremation. To know if it is the choice for you and your family, we offer a few questions to help clarify the differences between a traditional funeral home cremation and a direct cremation.

2. Hospice Nurse Takes to TikTok to Talk Openly About Death

Nurse Julie knew people needed to know more about the end of life. So, inspired by her tween niece, she took to TikTok to start giving important advice in bite-sized chunks. She’s made a splash with her honest, straightforward information about what death looks like up close.

3. Who Owns Your Funeral Home

While you may think the funeral home near you is independent and family-owned, larger corporations have increasingly been buying up family-run businesses without changing the name but changing up pricing models, often increasing the average price paid by families.

4. A Phone in the Forest Helps Grieving Talk with Loved Ones

The Telephone of the Wind in Olympia was created by a Washington-area travel journalist, Corey Dembeck. He was inspired to create the project after several losses. From the disconnected phone, visitors to the forest can “talk” with someone they’ve lost in the solitude of the woods.

5. A Mother’s Gift of Truth to Her Dying Son

Margo Fowkes, who leads the Salt Water online grief community, shared the story of her gift of honesty to her dying son, Jimmy. “Bearing witness to your dying child is a pain like no other,” she wrote. But Fowkes said she’d never regret being present in those last days. “I’m grateful I didn’t hold back or look away.”

We at Solace are grateful for your interest in our blog, After All, and we look forward to sharing more “stories for the living on dying” in 2022.

Photo by Tarryn Myburgh

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