Every Solace Cremation is Carbon Neutral

As we approach the 50th anniversary of Earth Day — the day that marked the beginning of the environmental movement, we thought it would be a good time to talk about Solace’s commitment to the environment.

Last year, Solace Cremation partnered with 3 Degrees to offset our carbon footprint, reducing greenhouse gasses that cause global warming.

By doing so, every case we handle is “carbon neutral” thanks to this innovative program, at no additional cost to the families we serve.

Whats an offset?

A carbon offset is a way of making up for the impact a business has on the environment. Cremation has become more popular in part because it is “greener” than traditional burial and embalming. But, unlike other companies, Solace Cremation acknowledges the impact that our business has on the environment because cremation does require the use of a significant amount of electric power, and we wanted to do our part to address that.

How does it work?

Our partner, 3 Degrees, works with companies around the country to fund important environmental projects that improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions like protecting forests, supporting alternative wind and solar power projects and finding green solutions for industry.

Will it raise Solace prices?

No, Solace Cremation offers one inclusive price of $995. We feel this service is an important expression of our values and we will not pass the cost onto our customers.

Why it is important

We only have one planet. At Solace, we started our business because we believe there is a better way to handle death. By partnering with 3 Degrees, we are able to be one of the first funeral homes to offer a carbon-neutral cremation service. We know that our customers care about the environment and we too wanted to do what we could to do our part.

In good company

Companies like Lyft and Etsy use 3 Degrees to reduce their environmental impact. Learn more about 3 Degrees here. Learn more about Solace’s carbon neutral cremations.


Photo by Casey Horner

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