Reviews Shed Light on Family Stories

When we look back over our first year in business, we are so humbled by knowing we’ve helped hundreds of families. After all, we are just two guys retired from the sneaker business trying our hand at something completely different.

When we started, our plan was to change an industry that was long overdue for a fresh perspective. That’s one of the reasons we are so proud to have earned nearly 30 5-star Google reviews. Our positive reviews show us that our idea that there was a “better way” was right.

But what’s even more important to us, is that each review tells the story of a family we have helped through a difficult time.

Michelle shared with us that her husband, who knew he was dying of cancer, pre-planned his care with us. She appreciated the “thoughtfulness and kindness” of our team.

Julia explained her family was in shock when her sister passed away but “the kind, thoughtful and professional” service they received made the process easier during her family’s loss.

Trina was in another state when her brother passed. She was his only relative and unable to travel. But she said Solace was able to take the “stress off her shoulders,” guiding her through the process.

Alex and his sister lived in different cities and when their mom passed during the pandemic, found our help especially helpful with many businesses closed.

Marcine says her son called Solace when her husband died and they found our help to be “compassionate, sensible and tremendously helpful.”

By building a Care Team with thoughtful and caring people from a variety of backgrounds, we are able to serve families like these with compassion day in and day out. The numbers reflect it, but the stories behind the numbers, even more so.

Photo by Trent Szmolnik

Solace is now Tulip Cremation, the nation’s largest online direct cremation services provider, delivering world-class and compassionate care 24/7.

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