Our Story

Honor Life, Lived

We understand, because we’ve been there. We’ve had to make after life decisions that felt confusing and overwhelming, when all we wanted to focus on was the loved ones we had lost. That’s why we started Solace.

Solace Cremation provides an affordable direct cremation service with online arrangements to the Portland and Seattle metro areas. The cost of Solace’s cremation services is simple and transparent, leaving no surprises or unexpected costs.

Our one price of $895 includes everything you could need or want from a direct cremation service. The cost of cremation never increases because we don’t add fees or do any upselling. It’s one price, for everything, for real. 

Solace proudly serves the Portland and Seattle metro areas. Our Solace Care Team provides concierge-level support, putting the focus where it needs to be—on you and your loved one—and is available 24/7 online or via phone. Solace Cremation is a licensed immediate disposition company in Portland and Seattle and each of our service partners is licensed and vetted to deliver the premium quality standards required by Solace.

What People Are Saying

Everything was handled very well. Thank you for making a hard situation a little easier.

Jason S.

Phoenix, AZ


So grateful that I found Solace (no pun intended). They provided outstanding support throughout the entire process for a fraction of the price that I was quoted by funeral homes. It may sound corny, but I truly felt loved and cared for by this group of good people during a very difficult time.

Jake H.

Portland, OR


Solace was very professional and kind as they helped my family to make final arrangements for my sister. I was very satisfied with the service and would recommend them.

Pam F.

Pittsburgh, PA


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