Our Story

Honor Life, Lived

We understand, because we’ve been there. We’ve had to make after life decisions that felt confusing and overwhelming, when all we wanted to focus on was the loved ones we had lost. That’s why we started Solace.

Solace Cremation is an affordable online direct cremation service balanced with a human approach. Solace proudly serves the Portland metro area. Our Solace Care Team provides concierge-level support, putting the focus where it needs to be—on you and your loved one—and is available 24/7 online or via phone. Solace Cremation is a licensed immediate disposition company in Portland and each of our service partners is licensed and vetted to deliver the premium quality standards required by Solace.

Solace Care Team

We have an array of professional and personal experience in the funeral industry. What we all have in common is our commitment to care and creating a concierge level service to honor your loved ones.

Keith, Co-Founder



David, Co-Founder



Jeremy, COO



Andrea, CMO



Malissa, Funeral Director


Funeral Director

Lucy, Marketing Director


Marketing Director

Dana, Concierge Care Consultant


Concierge Care Consultant

Hannah, Concierge Care Consultant


Concierge Care Consultant

Jade, Concierge Care Consultant


Concierge Care Consultant

What People Are Saying
Within minutes of contacting Solace I was comforted and informed, in a clear and professional way, of the steps the Care Team would take to provide service from hospital bed to interment. Solace was available at all hours to answer questions, discuss options, provide clarity and comfort, and even suggest websites for cremation urns. I am grateful for the expert personal care The Solace Care Team gave to me and my family during our bereavement. I highly recommend this company for complete and compassionate cremation services.

Patrice M.

Hillsboro, OR


Every conversation with a Solace representative, whether in person or on the phone, has been warm, supportive, and honoring of our loved one. Being able to initiate the whole process online was an absolute gift. Not only did none of us have to drag our emotionally exhausted, grieving selves into a randomly selected funeral home – but we didn’t even have to make a phone call unless we wanted to. It was so easy, and we are so grateful.

Camille M.

Portland, OR


Solace was wonderful, from the first phone call through coming for the body and delivery of death certificates. Everyone I talked with was professional, helpful, and kind. You took care of everything, freeing me to deal with my loss, family and friends. Your services and the way you went about them provided great support at a time it is sorely needed. Thank you!

Heidi S.

Portland, OR