Our Story

Honor Life, Lived

We understand, because we’ve been there. We’ve had to make after life decisions that felt confusing and overwhelming, when all we wanted to focus on was the loved ones we had lost. That’s why we started Solace.

Solace Cremation provides an affordable direct cremation service with online arrangements to the Portland and Seattle metro areas. The cost of Solace’s cremation services is simple and transparent, leaving no surprises or unexpected costs.

Our one price of $895 includes everything you could need or want from a direct cremation service. The cost of cremation never increases because we don’t add fees or do any upselling. It’s one price, for everything, for real. 

Solace proudly serves the Portland and Seattle metro areas. Our Solace Care Team provides concierge-level support, putting the focus where it needs to be—on you and your loved one—and is available 24/7 online or via phone. Solace Cremation is a licensed immediate disposition company in Portland and Seattle and each of our service partners is licensed and vetted to deliver the premium quality standards required by Solace.

What People Are Saying

I unequivocally recommend Solace. I helped friends of the family make arrangements while their father was on hospice. As others have said, everyone we talked to at Solace was professional and compassionate. A particularly welcome feature was the ability to handle all arrangements online. In our case, one daughter was out of the country and she was able to walk her mom through the paperwork. This freed the other daughter to spend uninterrupted time with her father. Being able to share the responsibility was a huge benefit. I wish Solace much success with their exceptional business.

Mary W.

Seattle, WA


I can’t say enough how much I appreciated the thoughtfulness and ease in working with Solace. My husband, who knew he was dying of cancer, pre-planned his cremation with Solace. The people that I had contact with were sensitive and kind. My communications via email were answered promptly and again with thoughtfulness and kindness.
If your choice is a simple cremation conducted with the efficiency of an online platform combined with kindness and actual human touch, please consider Solace.

Michelle B.

Portland, OR


My mother’s wishes were simple and Solace really came through. Easy-to-navigate website with clear choices. And they were so kind and respectful.

Nancie M.

Beaverton, OR


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Meet The Team

Solace is the brainchild of Co-Founders Keith Crawford and David Odusanya, two former Nike executives whose experiences with the death of loved ones inspired them to apply their innovative, consumer experience-driven design expertise to the funeral industry. Their deep design and branding background has allowed them to reimagine the funeral industry and all aspects of the consumer experience.

Rounding out the leadership team are Funeral Director Malisa Riceci, who brings her years of funeral service industry knowledge to Solace, and Chief Operating Officer Jeremy Frank, whose expertise is in operations strategy and finance.