Every Solace Cremation is Carbon Neutral

Every Solace Cremation is Carbon Neutral


They provided outstanding support throughout the entire process for a fraction of the price that I was quoted by funeral homes. It may sound corny, but I truly felt loved and cared for by this group of good people during this difficult time.

Jake H., Portland, OR

Being able to initiate the whole process online was an absolute gift. Not only did none of us have to drag our emotionally exhausted, grieving selves into some randomly selected funeral home—but we didn’t even have to make a phone call unless we wanted to. It was so easy, and we are so grateful.

Camille M., Portland, OR

If your choice is a simple cremation conducted with the efficiency of an online platform, combined with kindness and actual human touch, please consider Solace.

Michelle B., Portland, OR

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One flat price.
No surprises.

Solace Cremation offers one inclusive, affordable price for cremation services. No need to ask for a quote. Our final price is always the same, $1,195. You won’t be surprised by added costs and “upselling.” Unlike other cremation service providers, we never charge for the location of your loved one, device removal or hand delivery of remains.

How Solace Cremation Works

We're Always Here for You We're Always Here for You

We're Always Here for You

Our cremation services are available 24/7 to support your family during this challenging time. We'll guide you every step of the way.

We Treat Your Loved One Like FamilyWe Treat Your Loved One Like Family

We Treat Your Loved One Like Family

When it’s time, one of our Solace Care Team members will reach out to you to arrange taking your loved one to our secure facility. We proudly serve Portland and surrounding areas.

We Make Paperwork EasierWe Make Paperwork Easier

We Make Paperwork Easier

Paperwork is unavoidable, but we're here to help you. All forms and authorizations can be completed through our secure digital process at your own convenience and location.

We Handle the CremationWe Handle the Cremation

We Handle the Cremation

We will confirm we have received your loved one's remains and the approximate timeline of returning them to you. We never charge for return of remains. For more information see How does the cremation process work?

We Return Your Loved One's RemainsWe Return Your Loved One's Remains

We Return Your Loved One's Remains

We will reach out to confirm your delivery options, whether in person within our current service area or by USPS Priority Mail with tracking.


Cremation in Portland


Clackamas County

Multnomah County

Washington County


Clark County

Solace Cremation offers direct cremation services in the Portland area, including Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington counties in Oregon, and Clark County in Washington. Visit our locations page for a full list of service areas or contact us with questions.

We have offices in Los Angeles and Portland and offer digital arrangement for your convenience.

No in-person appointment is required. Oregon cremation customers can call us anytime 24/7 at (503) 549-4900 for assistance.

Solace Cremation
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