One Price. No Surprises.

Before you make a choice, make sure you understand the fine print. It’s OK to shop around, in fact, we encourage families to ask questions. Solace’s one flat-price model was built to make it easier on you to make a decision.

See How Solace Compares

How much does Solace Cremation’s service cost? Our affordable, direct cremation services is one inclusive price: $895. It covers everything you’d expect from beginning to end, with no extra fees for special requests. The only additional cost you’ll have is for the death certificates.

Our price never increases and we won’t add fees or do any upselling. It is one price, for everything, for real. Solace does not treat circumstances and wishes like transactions. Everything we do is to help families and is included in our price.

By choosing a service with an inclusive price, we hope to give you the peace of mind that comes from avoiding any hidden costs or being “nickel-and-dimed.” 

Payment-in-full is required before we take your loved one into our care and we guarantee a premium service. We accept all major credit cards including American Express, Visa and Mastercard.  At this time we do not offer payment plans.

Our $895 Price Includes
Taking Into Care

Taking your loved one into our care and transportation to our facilities. We serve Los Angeles and San Diego counties and the Portland and Seattle metro areas.

Secure Storage
Secure and safe refrigeration at our facility
Direct Cremation
The cremation of your loved one takes place without a viewing or funeral service beforehand and happens within three to five business days following the receipt of required authorizations.
Required Fees & Permits
Return of Cremated Remains

In-person delivery within Los Angeles and San Diego counties, Portland or Seattle metro areas or Priority Mail through USPS.

Tracking & Taxes
Veterans Affairs
Assisting with the US Department of Veteran Affairs and scheduling services at a national cemetery
Additional Purchase
Certified Death Certificates
Death certificates are required for title and real estate transfers, closing bank accounts and more. You’ll need at least one certificate.
Why Solace?