What Does Solace’s Direct Cremation Service Include?

Solace’s direct cremation service and price is different from other funeral homes because it includes everything someone would want or need from a direct cremation service. Solace’s service includes 24-7 support, taking your loved one into our care, digitized paperwork, a direct cremation, all necessary permits and authorizations, return of remains via USPS or in-person within our service area and a Solace urn.


Solace’s Inclusive Direct Cremation Price

Solace’s price is inclusive because it means that our price includes everything. It’s not a starter price. There will never be additional costs and fees tacked on to the price that you’re given when you request Solace’s cremation services. The only additional cost you’ll ever face is for death certificates because everyone needs a different amount and the price for each state is different. Our Solace Care team is always happy to help you figure out how many you’ll need.

Once the loved one is brought into our care and the Solace team is serving your family, anything else your family needs is just service at that point, it’s not a transaction. If your family needs cremated remains separated or shipped, want a lock of your loved ones hair or need guidance on how to work with a national cemetery, Solace will provide that support and guidance as part of our services. By offering one price for our cremation services we want to make it easier for your family and eliminate any confusion or stress that may come from costs out of your control.


Transparency and Simplicity for Your Family

Solace’s transparency of our services and price is apparent on our website. Our website makes it clear what our cremation service will cost and what exactly you’re going to get. Other funeral home websites are not as transparent or clear on final prices or extra costs you may face.

Solace includes our General Price List (GPL) electronically on our website for all families to see and review. While GPLs must be made available to families if requested, a number of funeral homes and cremation providers do not post their GPLs online. Because of this, families must call to find more details on cremation service prices. It’s a tactic used by funeral homes and providers to get a live discussion with a potential customer. Solace does not do this and makes our price list transparent on our website. We empower families with all of the information needed to make the decision that best fits their needs, without having to make a call. Of course, our team is happy to answer any questions that may come up during the process.

It’s very difficult to shop for cremation services online and make phone calls to providers and funeral homes. Information about the total, final cost of cremation is difficult to find on other websites. The range providers charge is very large, and it can be confusing for families who already know exactly what they want, a direct cremation. The purpose of Solace’s one price is to take the questions away and make it really easy on families shopping for services.


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Solace is now Tulip Cremation, the nation’s largest online direct cremation services provider, delivering world-class and compassionate care 24/7.

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