Why Inclusive Pricing Matters for Cost of Cremation

Most people find out the real cost of cremation at the absolute worst time—when a loved one has died and they’re in the midst of their own grief. It’s a time when regular life can feel turned upside down. You navigate a process that may be completely new.

We know because we’ve been there. That’s why we wanted to completely rethink direct cremation arrangement without compromising on personal service, reliability or dignity. We knew we could use modern tools to streamline the process for grieving families. And we knew we could make the cost of cremation — and what that price includes—more transparent.

Solace’s cremation service price is structured to be one inclusive price, not a starting price. What’s the difference? Our one price includes everything you could need or want from a direct cremation service. The price never increases because we don’t add fees or do any upselling. It’s one price, for everything, for real.


What’s included in the cost of Solace’s cremation service?

Here’s what is included in Solace’s one inclusive price. We take your loved one into our care. The direct cremation takes place within three to five business days after the completion of the required paperwork. We understand the desire to have your loved one’s remains returned quickly and respectfully, so we offer in-person or USPS delivery depending on your preference. We never charge additional fees for direct cremation or the method to receive your loved one’s remains. Our cost covers all required authorizations and licenses, as well as the Solace Urn.


Solace makes the process as simple, easy, intuitive, and transparent as possible. Our Solace Care team provides live, best-in-class support for our families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via chat, email or phone call.

We give families access to the cost of our cremation services and what that price includes through our website. Families don’t need to call around or sit through an in-person meeting for us to give them that information. Time is precious. The last thing anyone needs when they’re grieving is extra work or unpleasant surprises.


Solace never charges for add-on services or requests

When you see a low-cost cremation advertised what you’re actually seeing is just the starting price of that provider’s services. Families are often charged for services beyond their control. For example, pacemaker removal or the shipment of remains outside the provider’s service area. Sometimes families can be charged for small but emotionally critical requests, like receiving a lock of their loved one’s hair. Solace does not treat circumstances and wishes like transactions. Instead, we treat them all as a sacred service to the family.

When you’re searching for affordable cremation services, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask if the quoted price is the full, final cost. Will there be additional fees? Will you be charged for small requests? Or delivery? It’s your loved one. You’re not doing anything wrong simply by asking for easy-to-understand pricing and service information.


Solace makes the cost of cremation transparent and simple

Death is a natural part of life, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. That’s why Solace offers an alternative that’s specifically designed to help you make after life decisions for your loved one with confidence and care. You will always know the cost of cremation services, and you will always know what that cost includes. We’ve made it easier for you because we wish it had been easier for us. We’re focused on giving you what you need most—time. Time to remember and celebrate the one you lost with those you love.

Solace Cremation offers online arrangements for direct cremation services with one flat price and 24/7 customer service. Solace proudly serves the Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland and Seattle metro areas. Learn more.

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