The Hidden Cost of Low ‘Starter’ Cremation Prices

Often, when you see a low-cost cremation advertised, what you’re actually seeing is just the “starter price” of that provider’s services. Families can face additional fees for add-ons like transportation, removal of implants and delivery of remains.

Suddenly, what started at about $800 is now over $1,100. In fact, the national median price for direct cremation is about $2,500, according to national price surveys. Solace’s final, inclusive price is $995 for every family.

Solace’s price is inclusive, not a ‘starter price’

What makes Solace different than the conventional funeral industry? Solace’s cremation services are one inclusive price, not a starting price. What’s the difference? Our single price includes all of our cremation services from pickup to delivery, excluding county fees like death certificates or medical examiner costs, which vary depending on location.

Our transparent price is your final price. Solace won’t add extra charges or do any upselling. It’s one price, for everything, for real.

What’s included in the cost of Solace’s cremation service?

Here’s what is included in Solace’s one inclusive price:

  • We take your loved one into our care.
  • The direct cremation takes place after the completion of the required paperwork.
  • In-person or USPS delivery depending on your preference.
  • Our cost covers required necessary filings, as well as a temporary Solace urn.

Solace makes the process as simple, easy, intuitive and transparent as possible. Our Solace Care Team provides best-in-class support for our families via chat, email or phone. Services can be requested 24/7.

We give families transparent price information through our website. Loved ones don’t need to call around or sit through an in-person meeting for us to give them that information. Time is precious. The last thing anyone needs when they’re grieving is extra work or unpleasant surprises.

Tips for comparing cremation costs

The Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule protects consumers. You can find tips on the FTC website that will help you know your rights and compare prices.

Families have a right to a funeral home’s General Price List (GPL), so look carefully to see if you will encounter additional charges for direct cremation. Many funeral homes will list these on their websites. All are legally required to provide them if you phone. In California, all are required to post them online, but some exploit a loophole to avoid posting prices. Studies show that the less transparent companies also are more expensive.

When you’re searching for affordable cremation services, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask if the quoted price is the full, final cost. Will there be additional fees? Will you be charged for small requests or delivery? It’s your loved one. You’re not doing anything wrong simply by asking for easy-to-understand pricing and service information.

Solace is now Tulip Cremation, the nation’s largest online direct cremation services provider, delivering world-class and compassionate care 24/7.

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