What is the Cost of Direct Cremation in Florida?

What do Florida residents pay on average for direct cremation? The regional median price is about the same as the national number of about $2,500, according to the latest annual National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) report*. But the NFDA’s price surveys found some funeral homes charging more than $4,000.

Solace Cremation’s Florida funeral director Sarah Lee says she’s seen those high prices firsthand. “In one of the full-service funeral homes I worked at, the direct cremation was around $4,300,” Lee said.

What is direct cremation?

A direct cremation takes place without a funeral, ceremony or viewing ahead of time.

The median price of a traditional full-service cremation at a funeral home is $5,500.

Comparison shopping

Consumers can find more affordable alternatives, like Solace Cremation’s inclusive-price model, by shopping around and asking questions. But sometimes families are exhausted and don’t have the information they need to make the best economic decision, a problem that consumer groups continue to work on.

Distress purchase

The Funeral Consumer Alliance, a consumer advocacy group, explains that economists call funerals a “distress purchase,” that is “something nobody wants to buy, but that one has to buy. There’s little motivation to shop around for something you’re really hoping will never happen (though it will).” The group is fighting to make price comparison easier for consumers.

Advice for families

Lee says the best three things you can do if you are in charge of making funeral arrangements is to “ask questions, know what you want and speak to a variety of providers.” She suggests contacting three if possible.

“Even if there are eight other locations owned by the same parent company in the same city, the pricepoint differs based on what part of town you are in, the demographics of the neighborhood,” Lee explained. The funeral home will only give you their price, not let you know there might be a more affordable alternative across town, even if they share the same ownership, Lee said.

What to consider

Before you start making calls or visits, you’ll want to determine what is important to you. The questions below may help you decide what’s right for your family.

  • Are there specific requests that you would like to honor?
  • Is it important to have memorial services at a funeral home?
  • Would you like to have a viewing in a casket?
  • Is everyone able to gather in one location at one time?
  • Who will be responsible for making the arrangements?

Lee says if families don’t know what they want, they risk being upsold and/or receiving an overwhelming amount of information about possible services from a funeral home. From the funeral home’s perspective, it is hard to give a price if they don’t know what the family wants.

Beware of add-on fees

Lee says one thing to watch for whether you are paying the most — or the least — is add-on fees.

“Some direct cremation packages may include services or items that you may not want or need like stationery and planning guides. It is a good idea to get clarification on everything that is included. That’s why I like the Solace model. Everything is straightforward and transparent.”

Learn more about Solace Cremation’s transparent and inclusive price here.

Photo: Lance Asper

It’s important to note that no Florida funeral homes participated in the NFDA 2021 price survey, so state-level data is approximate based on other states in the region.

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